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Chassis Dyno
Maximize Your Engine's Horsepower!

Chassis & Engine Dyno ServicesIf you want to feel what real horsepower and optimal fuel mileage is like, let Dave's team of professionals get to work on your rig. Dave's Diesel Repair remains Edmonton's only independent shop with its own computerized Chassis Dyno, and the quality of the information is second to none. You will receive an accurate printed report of the analysis, detailing the actual horsepower and torque, not just estimates based on generalized math formulas like you would be given at other shops. As part of our tune-up service our technicians follow a comprehensive check list to guarantee a complete analysis.

As the Diesel Doctors, Dave's team knows that 'bandaid' repairs end of costing you more in the long run. Bandaid repairs are merely short-term solutions that do not fix underlying issues. Ultimately, such patchwork repairs are the cause of countless return trips into the shop for more repairs. At Dave's Diesel Repair, we firmly believe that problems should be fixed completely the first time. If you are concerned that something is wrong with your rig, give us a call. You can trust the team at Dave's to be honest in our assessment and provide you with reliable solutions over the long-term.

A lot of shops replace parts without having a solid idea of why they are replacing them. They read the diagnostic analysis and blindly replace the parts the report tells them to replace. Unfortunately the standard diagnostic computer often does not tell the whole story. When your rig is put on the Dyno at Dave's Diesel Repair, you can trust that Dave's team knows how to correctly interpret the analysis and make the appropriate recommendations to you, along with explanations why.

Furthermore, Dave's team can improve your engine's horsepower and torque. Were you aware that most engines do not make the horsepower and torque that they are rated for? Even though your engine was not originally built by Dave's Diesel Repair, Dave's team can make it run to its fullest capacity!

What does all this mean to you? When your engine is running at optimal efficiency you will SAVE MONEY! That's our bottom line, whichaffects your bottom line.